Surrendering to Life's Lessons

What if I told you your life story before it happened? Would you make the same decisions if you knew that it would result in a painful experience?

Probably not...

That's the funny thing about life. We all think we can control it...that somehow we can set up everything perfectly around us so we don't have to experience pain and suffering. But suffering is inevitable. It's a way of learning about ourselves and the world around us. Suffering so beautifully shows us the light, freeing us from our ourselves to a higher alignment. It's the Universe's way of directing us.

Through PAIN comes GROWTH. And everything that is happening in your life right now is something that is reflecting back to you exactly what you need to learn. So all we really can do is SURRENDER. And this is where the magic surrendering, in listening, in opening our minds and hearts to learn the lessons. To let down our walls that we have built so carefully to be vulnerable and open ourselves to live with more purpose and love.

Nothing happens to us. EVERYTHING happens for us. And yes...that means that you are the creator of your experience. The beauty of this is that YOU can change it at any moment.

If you are feeling stuck or are going through something difficult, know that you are not alone. In essence, what we experience is collective and especially at a time when our planet is going through such an evolutionary shift. People are waking up to let go of outdated beliefs and ways of being and with that comes resistance. How do we embrace this resistance and come home to a place of being in tune with our highest self?

Here are a few bits of wisdom that may help reclaim your light and power:

1) Start each day with intention and connecting to spirit. Whatever that is for you...chanting Ohm, saying a mantra, meditation, giving thanks, connecting to your vision. When we begin the day by connecting to intention and something greater than ourselves; it directs everything you do, it reminds you of why you are here.

2) When you find yourself getting caught up in victim mentality or focusing on the suffering, mentally say STOP to yourself and do something to shift it. You can read something inspirational, call a friend, repeat a mantra, do a guided meditation or just go for a walk. It is so easy to run wild with the mind. But when we learn to master it, we learn to identify thoughts as just that....and we can let go.

3) See everyone and everything as a mirror and lesson. What can you learn? Is this a pattern you have seen before? If so, know that the Universe will keep bringing it to you until you learn the lesson! It is a call to take responsibility for your own actions and life.

4) Practice forgiveness and loving-kindness. This is the only way to let go of the past and clear out the energetic body to make space for higher vibrations. I do this daily with myself and others. Carrying anger, hurt and resentment only hurts ourselves. Don't for a second think that you are hurting the other person because you are not. You are hurting yourself and you will continue to feel that negative energy until you truly forgive and release it.

5) Connect with others. Find a group of people that are going through similar things as you. This is why AA is so powerful. When we connect to a group of people that understand and feel the pain we experience, we realize we are not alone. This uplifts our spirit and inspires us to commit to healing our pain. You can also find a coach, spiritual director or therapist that can further help you to work through issues, especially if they are trauma-based.

May this bring opening and light into your life. Remember, you have everything you need RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. You were born perfect and whole JUST AS YOU ARE.

If you are interested in learning more about how to step into your power and purpose, feel free to schedule a consultation or healing session HERE. Also, sign up for my MASTER ENERGY COURSE waitlist, which will be launching in a couple months.

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