Creating to Make Change

We are always creating, whether that be something desirable or undesirable. Have you ever had a day where everything just seemed to go wrong? You get stuck in traffic and show up late for a meeting. Then, that meeting just goes completely south. From there, you go order some lunch and they mix up your order. And on and on....

Where did the chaos start? With you and your thoughts. There was something within you that created that reality. So, let's work with this! This is really good news because it means that at anytime, you can CHOOSE to create something different. But it's a choice and takes effort and intention to choose a more aligned and higher vibration.

How does one do this? Let's start with imagining what it is you really want....

Forget the HOW. Just imagine the thing you would like to have a bigger experience of. See it, feel it, touch it. Engage every sense in it. Now, here is the important part. You must truly believe that this thing you want is going to happen, that YOU are going to create it. That no matter what, it is going to happen.

Wake up each day with that vision in your head and meditate on it, picturing exactly what it is you would like to happen. This is how 'manifestation' begins. You choosing the reality you would like to have and putting it out there for the Universe to respond to.

I will give you an example of how this worked for me recently. I recently uprooted everything in Chicago and decided that I wanted to live in a beautiful sunny place with an apartment overlooking the ocean. I headed out to Los Angeles to search for apartments, not really knowing what area I wanted to live in but just that I wanted to be somewhere quiet and overlooking the ocean. One morning, I walked down to the beach and I did my daily mediation and a vision came to me of a balcony on a cliff overlooking the ocean. That SAME DAY, I received a Facebook message from a person that saw my post in a group I had joined saying they had an opening in an apartment in the Palisades with that exact same balcony view! This is my new place:)

This is the work I do with clients to create true transformation, because without vision and belief, any health change they make is not going to stick. They don't believe it's possible. But, when you create a vision that is so powerful it moves you, you step into FLOW and changes happens effortlessly.

If you have a change you would like to make in your health and life, I invite you to take the first step towards creating that vision and schedule a consultation HERE.

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