4 Mantras to Remember While Travelling

I love to travel. Exploring new places, cultures, people, fills up my soul. But sometimes, I find myself getting caught up in the hectic before and after of a trip, which can really take away from the meaning and purpose of a vacation. As I was preparing the night before my 3-week journey to Southeast Asia, I started to go into my typical “I need to bring everything I could possibly need” packing habit. Then, suddenly I remembered what this trip is really about - less stuff, more doing, living simply, and enjoying the essence of each moment exactly as it is.

So, I took out half of the items I had initially packed, threw them into my smallest suitcase, and reminded myself that I have all I need within me.

Later on that evening, over sushi and great conversation, a friend asked me, “So what is the purpose of this trip? What do you want to take away from it?” I responded with, “I would like to deepen my spirituality, and strengthen the healing light within me and share it with others.”

Working in the wellness industry is one of the most rewarding types of work jobs out there. It also reminds me on a daily basis how much people hold themselves back from living the happy, healthy lives they truly deserve to live because of fear or attachment ingrained in experiences from their past. I get it, because living in that way is what led me to do this work. It is was, and continues to be, a lifelong practice to rewrite that story...from one of defeat or failure, to one that says anything is possible and I am not my past. I won’t ever overcome fear or doubt, but I can change my relationship with it and use it to live a more purposeful life.

To explore this inner calling, I have decided to immerse myself in the culture and healing of the Balinese community. No expectations or outcome, my only agenda is to become still within and connect outwards. I want to slow down and embrace time, rather than chase it or run from it. To remind myself of this intention, I also created a few affirmations to help myself stay tuned into the present moment:





I share this with you in hopes that, as you embark on upcoming trips or head to see family for the holidays, you remember the true purpose behind it and embrace flow in your journey. Not work like a maniac just so you can get away, then eat and drink too much to decompress, only to return feeling more exhausted than when you started. Make this break or vacation a celebration of you…and all the greatness that you are.

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