How I Healed ADHD with Mindfulness

Just about every person I talk to nowadays has told me that they have been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD, or they believe that they have it. And it truly makes me wonder, why are so many people struggling to stay focused? I believe the answer is because we live in an ADD society. People checking texts, emails, andsocial media all day long …we are on a never-ending treadmill every day, all day, just trying to do it all. Wake up, check your phone, hit the gym, head into the office, back-to-back meetings and so on. This constant busyness and urgency of getting things done creates an environment in which it is IMPOSSIBLE to focus!

This was my life- until I began practicing mindfulness. I started slowly, by just doing five minutes a day. Because after all, I am ADD and way too busy, so anything that requires sustained focus AND slowing down for more than that just did not seem possible. So I began my morning with a simple breathing exercise, or journaling about my intentions for that day and how I wanted to feel. CLEAR. FOCUSED. CONNECTED. CALM. In doing this simple practice, I began to notice I had WAY less stress and my days were starting to flow. I was able to break bad habits like doing ten things at once, then wondering why I never finished anything that day. I actually was able to focus for longer periods of time on ONE thing. I became PRESENT.

Now, I have prioritized my mindfulness practice as a daily ritual because of the impact it has had on my life. I don’t skip it, because I know that if I start my day without it, I go into superwoman mode. Trying to achieve it all at once only to end up feeling completely drained at the end of the day. Not to mention, I feel guilty because in trying to do it all, I was not able to do much of anything that day. In taking just five minutes or twenty if you want, you can create space to do more and be more. You can clear your mind of all those things you should do and begin to prioritize the things you want to do.

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