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My name is April, and I started this blog to teach you everything I know about nutrition, self-healing, how to live a more balanced, healthy lifestyle, and Zen. I love ZEN- especially since it took me so long to figure out how the heck to attain it! Let me tell you I know it does not come easy if you are a recovering perfectionist like I am. I was stressed out, running myself into the ground every single day. My motto used to be "work hard, play harder." Now, it is "stop, breathe, and get out of your own way."

I have spent the last eight years of my life exploring weight loss, mindful living, and how to heal the body naturally. And I am here to share everything with you...what works, what doesn't work, and what is just a myth. I have successfully lost weight and kept it off in a completely new way that doesn't involve depriving yourself or spending hours at the gym. I have also self-healed many chronic ailments that used to run my life including sinusitis, food sensitivities, insomnia, acid reflux, ADD, chronic fatigue and inflammation. I took stimulants and amphetamines for many years to control my weight and help me focus and have energy. As you can imagine, putting the body in constant fight-or-flight will break the body down mentally, physically, and emotionally. So after ten years of being reliant on pharmaceuticals and caffeine, I decided to take my health back into my own hands and step-by-step heal myself. After all, you know your body better than any doctor or healer out there.

My hope is that my blog helps each and everyone one of you that reads it. Because I know what it's like to dream (for many years) about how to feel good naturally and overcome addiction and burnout...feeling hopeless that it will never happen. Well, guess did! And it can for you, too. I'm here to guide you on that journey.... and I believe in you:)

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