October 18, 2017

Often, we don't recognize our own patterns or limitations until something big triggers our awareness.  Change is one of the very great teachers of life.  It shows us what we are still holding onto in life that we may not have realized.

When the Universe sends endings or abrupt change, it is a way of redirecting your soul and consciousness to question what is really resonating and true for you.  This may not be so easy to recognize in the moment, but in time you will come to see that you are being divinely guided.

Change is inevitable.  In fact, it is one of the only things in life that we can count on to surely happen.  Often, it does so just when you are getting comfortable or feeling that you have got things "under control".  Like an earthquake rumbling about, change comes in and shakes the Earth from under your feet. 

NOW ...this is the key moment to stop and pay attention to exactly how you respond. How do you react?  Do you immediately run?  Do you imagi...

April 19, 2017

We are always creating, whether that be something desirable or undesirable.  Have you ever had a day where everything just seemed to go wrong?  You get stuck in traffic and show up late for a meeting.  Then, that meeting just goes completely south.  From there, you go order some lunch and they mix up your order. And on and on....

Where did the chaos start?  With you and your thoughts.  There was something within  you that created that reality.  So, let's work with this!  This is really good news because it means that at anytime, you can CHOOSE to create something different.  But it's a choice and takes effort and intention to choose a more aligned and higher vibration.

How does one do this?  Let's start with imagining what it is you really want....

Forget the HOW.  Just imagine the thing you would like to have a bigger experience of.  See it, feel it, touch it.  Engage every sense in it.  Now, here is the important part.  You must truly believe that...

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