October 18, 2017

Often, we don't recognize our own patterns or limitations until something big triggers our awareness.  Change is one of the very great teachers of life.  It shows us what we are still holding onto in life that we may not have realized.

When the Universe sends endings or abrupt change, it is a way of redirecting your soul and consciousness to question what is really resonating and true for you.  This may not be so easy to recognize in the moment, but in time you will come to see that you are being divinely guided.

Change is inevitable.  In fact, it is one of the only things in life that we can count on to surely happen.  Often, it does so just when you are getting comfortable or feeling that you have got things "under control".  Like an earthquake rumbling about, change comes in and shakes the Earth from under your feet. 

NOW ...this is the key moment to stop and pay attention to exactly how you respond. How do you react?  Do you immediately run?  Do you imagi...

October 10, 2017

What if I told you your life story before it happened?  Would you make the same decisions if you knew that it would result in a painful experience?   

Probably not...

That's the funny thing about life.  We all think we can control it...that somehow we can set up everything perfectly around us so we don't have to experience pain and suffering.  But suffering is inevitable.  It's a way of learning about ourselves and the world around us.  Suffering so beautifully shows us the light, freeing us from our ourselves to a higher alignment.  It's the Universe's way of directing us.

Through PAIN comes GROWTH.  And everything that is happening in your life right now is something that is reflecting back to you exactly what you need to learn.  So all we really can do is SURRENDER.  And this is where the magic surrendering, in listening, in opening our minds and hearts to learn the lessons.  To let down our walls that we have built so carefully to be vulne...

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