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Earth Medicine Woman was birthed as a remembrance of my soul's true purpose in this lifetime, which is to be a guide for others to come home to their most authentic selves; remembering what it is to LOVE living and walking on the Earth.


There was a time when I lived in a much different way, burning myself out in the corporate world addicted to the societal rat race of overdoing and achievement.  I was physically dependent on stimulants and my mind and body was in a constant state of living in survival mode, disconnected and exhausted. This is the part of my life I am most grateful for because it was through this very darkness that I sought to rediscover the parts of myself I had lost along the way.


I decided I would no longer give my power away to others and become my own healer, which meant surrendering to a power much greater than my self.  


I walked away from all the things that drained my energy and started following my heart's desire to help others.  I trained to be a holistic health coach at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and additionally trained to be a Reiki Master to help clients go even deeper and heal the subconscious programming that holds them back from living the life of their dreams.  I studied privately in Shamanic Healing to deepen my understanding of the sacred connection we have to ancestral wisdom, guides, and spirit through the work of journey.  Earth medicine naturally folded into my work as I grew up surrounded by nature and animals and always had a special ability to connect to the Spirits in higher realms. 

Quite possibly the greatest training has been my own personal journey of depression, anxiety and weaning off pharmaceutical drugs.  I came to discover that there was nothing to fix but my own false belief that something was wrong.  Numbing and repressing emotions through drugs and other coping mechanisms led me further away from this inherent truth.  I began CREATING again, which was something I had long left behind as I felt it was not "realistic" to pursue.  This has become a pathway and vital tool in my practice.


I realized what people need most to align with their intrinsic natural state of calm is to disconnect from the constant influx of technology and business grounding into stillness through nature, art, connection, breath and ceremony.  I've found that the things which give us life are the parts that guide us home to our most true and authentic self.  




"We were all put on this planet ON PURPOSE with a unique gift that is intended to SERVE in the highest good and give meaning to our lives."



You have the POWER to create anything you DESIRE.  The whole point of this journey is becoming awake to the incredible force of what your spirit can create in physical form.


Symptoms are a message from the body trying to tell you something very important.  And since childhood, we learned to numb those messages with drugs, food, work, and many other things.  

 Intuitive readings will empower you to tap into the root cause of imbalance in mind and body by teaching you how your body talks to you.  Each thought you hold has an energetic effect to how you feel.  Each choice you make or don't make also affects you.  Becoming aware of this provides a transformed way of living and being. 

The key to power is learning to harness energy in a way that makes you feel alive and purposeful.  The entrance is by looking deep within.


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Intuitive Readings

Spiritual Coaching

Dance Therapy

Mindfulness / Meditation


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