walk the earth

come home to yourself

uncover the deepest roots of your being




There is nothing to fix or heal.  YOUR body, soul and spirit already knows what is meant for you.

Remembrance of your Divine Purpose is the pathway.




Earth Medicine is based on the idea that all illness, depression and loss of energy occurs because of spiritual imbalance or disharmony. 

To REMEMBER, we must reconnect to Spirit, accessing the lost parts of our soul and breathing life back into our divine vessel connecting mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Walking the Earth and connecting to the incredible healing power of nature and everything around us, we ground back into our Roots.  Through surrender to lay down our deepest fears and troubles to the Earth and Open our Hearts to the Sky, balance is restored and we access our souls once again.

Healing is a lifelong journey toward Wholeness and Remembrance of our true nature which is LOVE.

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Earth Medicine Offerings

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As a certified Reiki Master and Intuitive Somatic Practitioner, I'll work with you to uncover physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual blocks and deep patterns through self-discovery to re-access the body’s natural healing abilities.

Energy & Somatic Healing 

 Reconnect with your true self through art and somatic movement.

Dance, art, meditation, and nature guide us towards remembrance of our intrinsic joyful nature. The creative expression of emotion through these channels brings us home to what is sacred in each of us and helps to release stress, tension and stuck emotions.

Dance Therapy

Access your inner spiritual compass and create a blueprint to embody your highest self

An immersive full day or half day experience to unblock obstacles. Reconnect through a personalized retreat that harnesses the power of the Earth to access your innate gifts.

Private Wellness Retreats

Ready to get your spiritual journey started?

Life-Changing Experience

"One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.  I started doing yoga on the reg, tried Reiki therapy for the first time (which is super cool), developed better meditation and gratitude practices, learned a LOT about myself"

Maui, Hawaii



Reiki Energy Therapy

Somatic Movement & Dance

Meditation Instruction


Holistic Health Coaching

Personal Retreats

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